Oxfam Action Corps in 2012

Happy New Year from Oxfam Action Corps NYC!

Oxfam Action Corps ended 2011 with two major victories:
  • Foreign aid levels for FY2012 remained consistent with the previous year instead of being slashed as originally proposed; and
  • The corn ethanol subsidy to oil refiners was eliminated!
Thanks to everyone who signed our petitions and helped us reach these important milestones.

Oxfam Action Corps, Oxfam and its allies won a victory in defending foreign aid from drastic cuts. Oxfam America's President, Ray Offenheiser, stated: "We fought very hard to protect foreign assistance funding that saves lives and reduces poverty. There are cuts in this budget, but we are very grateful that Congressional leaders managed to deflect efforts by some to disproportionately cut these lifesaving accounts."

The United States also ended a 30-year tax subsidy for corn-based ethanol that cost taxpayers $6 billion annually, and ended a tariff on imported Brazilian ethanol. The policies have helped shift millions of tons of corn from feedlots, dinner tables and other products into gas tanks.

We are starting off 2012 with planning for International Women's Day on March 8. That evening, Oxfam Action Corps NYC we will be hosting an event to celebrate women around the world. The event will host speaker on women's justice and an opportunity for attendees to honor a woman in their lives. If you are interested in volunteering or partnering with us for this event, please contact us at newyorkcity@oxfamactioncorps.org.

Oxfam Action Corps is also currently recruiting new volunteers. Build leadership skills and attend a free Oxfam volunteer training! Limited space available. Applications are due by February 14, 2012.

Concerned about poverty and hunger on a global scale, but not sure how to make a difference at the local level? Volunteer with the Oxfam Action Corps and find out how your efforts can change the bigger picture.

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